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By utilizing current technology, our doctors can ensure that each patient achieves optimal treatment  results. Contact our downtown Edmonton dental office at 780-424-6272 today to schedule your appointment!

Digital X-rays:

Our Digital x-ray system allows instantaneous viewing and reduces your radiation exposure by up to 90%. This ensures your safety and comfort while still providing an accurate diagnosis.




We provide fully integrated TVs in ceiling for a relaxed visit.


Intra-oral cameras:

Our Intra-oral cameras show close-up views of your teeth, mouth and gums. These images can be viewed on the televisions in the ceiling above you for the better understanding of treatment required.



Using a computer to design and fabricate a custom made crown or filling. It is beautiful, long lasting and affordable. Canada Place Dental has over eighteen years experience with Cerec in Edmonton.



Laser machine:

Our soft tissue laser improves minor gum repairs, gum reshaping and treatment of cold sores. The laser machine is efficient and virtually pain free.